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Dated 02.06.2024


- BIN Stores
- overstock, shelf pulls and customer returns

- 3ft to 5ft tall electronics, toys, home decor, health and beauty, clothing, shoes, starge, household items and more

- unprocessed, unmanifested direct
- 24 pallets

TGT Gaylords HPC

  • There can be damage/missing pieces as this is a return truck.  All merchandise is sold as is, where is. No refund is provided. We are not able to guarantee the condition of any truckload nor any items you will receive. Thank you for your purchase and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out. 

    Liquidation truckloads are a risk. Some are great and others you will lose money on possibly sometimes depending on how you choose to liquidate the merchandise. You are buying all truckloads fully aware of the risks and assume all responsibility for successfully liquidating the merchandise (or not). We cannot guarantee anything. 

  • FOB: West (Pacific)

    Send your zip code for a freight quote and the total delivered.

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